About Us

To overcome incredible odds and shine through the darkest of days

7 Years ago I moved to the Cape, heartbroken, divorced and with a not yet diagnosed Autistic son. Working 9 to 5 for minimum wage and not able to make ends meet. Not poor enough to qualify for help yet unable to afford to get the help we so desperately needed.

I have never been afraid to work hard but with my son becoming increasingly frustrated it was impossible to keep a babysitter in order to work a second job. So I needed to start a work from home project.

I was gifted a sewing machine and a kind neighbor taught me how to sew. In this a dream was started. I love creating and soon started making handbags and earning an income.

The name Vainquer was chosen as reference to my late Grandmother Fransie and a reminder that we can Overcome our circumstances if we keep at it.

A while later we moved to Hermanus and my son was diagnosed as Autistic with the help of OAPD and the wonderful people that was sent our way.

In wanting to give back, a program was created where we would teach people to earn an income whilst working to their own pace and from home.

We helped people to overcome their circumstances, to be better than what they believed themselves to be.

With the onset of Covid the need for people to have an income became so much more. We managed to train, supply machines and fabric to families in need that now have a steady income thanks to everyone that buys a mask from us.

Buying a mask with the Vainquer label on is enabling us to feed families in these dark times without creating a culture of begging. Our main aim is to allow people to keep their dignity.